Empty Review: Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

belift the true cream moisturizing bomb review

Belif is one of those brands that I always pass by in shopping malls without giving too much thought, until I tried this True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, and now I want to try pretty everything this brand has to offer. Even though this is just a deluxe sample, but 10ml is enough for me to tell how well it goes on with my skin and definitely justifies its own well-deserved review.


It comes in a jar that looks simple and understated, no crazy/creative design or colors, just the product name and what it supposes to do. Straight to the point. The jar comes with a narrower neck and a wider base, which I was initially concerned that you won’t be able to get the last bit of product out, but was happily proven to be wrong at the end – you can certainly dig out all the product rather easily.

Personally, I quite like the package and design.


It has a very light, pleasant scent, almost neglectable I would say. So if you are someone that’s sensitive to the smells on skincare products, this one would not annoy your skin.


Very nice (or should I say interesting) texture that’s in between gel and cream, Sephora describes it as “cushiony cream” which I find to be quite accurate. It’s soft to the touch, and spreads to the skin exceptionally well. My skin drinks up this moisturizer almost instantly, as I don’t feel any sticky film residue.

How do I use it:

Can be used both day and night, because it layers beautifully underneath sunscreen and makeup at day, but also sits well on top of serums at night at the same time.


This is probably one of the best, no-fuss, get-thing-done basic moisturizers I have ever used. First of all, it’s very lightweight so can be wear comfortably even during hot, sweaty summer weather (yes, we still need moisturizer no matter how hot it is outside), but it provides intense hydration that would immediately sooth your skin from any irritation and dryness, and also locks in the moisture level for what feels like forever! Okay, on the product, it says it’s “clinically tested to provide up to 26 hours of moisture”, I haven’t tested for 26 hours, but for your usual day-to-day, this is more than sufficient.

This moisturizer doesn’t promise the world – it doesn’t say it’s designed for anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue, brightening, even out the skin tone, minimize the pores… all the things that we all want for our skin. But it’s an ultra solid basic moisturizer that does what it says, and does it exceptionally well. I usually keep it in my gym bag and use it right after workout, it instantly calms down my red face, adds a burst of very needed moisture, and just gives a healthy, supple look, like you have just drank 2Ls of water. As the name suggests, it’s a moisturizing bomb!

I know I love this moisturizer almost after the first use, and straight away, I told myself I need this back in my life when this sample finishes up. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, either you have dry skin or oily skin, sensitive skin or normal skin, I honestly don’t see anyone that wouldn’t get along with this product. Oh, and did I mention, it comes with a very reasonable price?

Bottom line, if you are in need of a good moisturizer, give it a try.