EM Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud Review

When Michelle Phan re-launched her makeup brand EM Cosmetics – this time, it’s her independent brand, not part of the L’Oreal group anyway, she started with a very small collection: a liquid eyeliner (well technically two, one brush tip and one felt tip), and a line of liquid lipsticks. I got my hands on both, and I like them both. But if I had to pick one, I would say the liquid lipstick is total winner.

EM Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud Swatches & Review

EM Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud Review

The package of the liquid lipstick is quite up my street as well: unassuming, simple and elegant, with the EM Cosmetics writing printed on the tube, and the brand logo on the top of the cap. Pretty much sums of my impression of what the brand is today.

EM Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud Applicator

The liquid lipstick line is called the Infinite Lip Cloud, which comes with a pretty interesting applicator that curves in slightly at the bottom, so it holds the product without needing you going back to the tube a few times. This curved design also makes it very easy to draw a precise line around the lips. A win in my book! This line of liquid lipsticks comes in nine permanent shades as of now (it does seem that they are continuously expanding the shade selection), and I picked up two: the rose nude and the faded clementine.

Rose nude is a classic, just done right pinky nude that doesn’t wash me out. I have like a thousand pinky nude lipsticks, but still couldn’t resist this one. It has the perfect balance between brown and pink, leaning more towards the warm side on my skin tone, and gives out that sophisticated, I’m-not-trying-too-hard, everyday effortless vibe. I flipping love it!

em cosmetics infinite lip cloud in rose nude review

A close up of the shade and texture (with flash):

em cosmetics infinite lip cloud in rose nude swatches

Faded clementine is a brave color choice for me, because it’s not subtle by any means, it’s a straight up warm pumpkin orange, or as her website describes – soft tangerine shade. It’s a statement lip color, but somehow I find it actually quite wearable on daily basis. It makes me feel chic every time I put it on, a pretty empowering shade, you could say.

em cosmetics infinite lip cloud in faded clementine reviewA close up:

em cosmetics infinite lip cloud in faded clementine swatches

Yes, the shades are well pretty fabulous and well thought, hopefully I have made that clear. But what really makes this line stands out from the ocean of liquid lipsticks is it’s formula. Lip cloud is a very accurate name, it feels velvety and air-light on the lips, makes your lips feel like it’s on the cloud, yes, it’s that light and comfortable. I’m not even exaggerating. 

It has whipped cream consistency, glide on lips smoothly with even pigmentation, I like to apply with one thin layer, and go back with a few more rounds to achieve the desired color intensity of the day -they are very buildable. They set in matte finish quickly, but not that dry, suck-the-life-out-of-your-lips matte finish, rather it’s a soft, luscious matte that don’t settle into lip lines. I’ve been wearing them for a few days straight, no dry feeling whatsoever, which is rare to come around for liquid lipstick. With no touch ups, the infinite cloud lip can last 2 meals (no burger, so not uber greasy), roughly 6 hours. They don’t transfer either. And when they fade away, they fade beautifully like a stain, leaves a nice, natural tint on the lips, no cracked lines form along your lips, which we all hate. What more can I say? It’s a beautiful line of liquid lipsticks, and probably my favorite liquid lipstick formula ever. Even though we have been bombarded with liquid lipstick launches in the past 2 year (?), I still have to say this one is a total stand out.  Well done, Michelle, well done!