Drugstore Concealer for the Win

Collection lasting perfection concealer review

So here is the deal, I very rarely talk about concealers. As a matter of fact, I think the Glossier Stretch Concealer was the only one I have ever written about so far on the blog, and have only actually loved for all the years I’ve been playing with makeup.

I’ve been blessed with fairly good skin, so most foundations can cover the imperfections I have going on, and generally, I’m perfectly fine with some redness or pimples showing through. So I only really turn to concealers when it comes to my under eye, which just perpetually have dark circles.

I have heard various beauty bloggers talk about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as one of the best concealers in the drugstore for I don’t even know how many times, and eventually picked one up in Eve and Boy during my recent trip to Bangkok. One a totally random side note, if you are a beauty junkie visiting Bangkok, make sure you spend a few good hours at the Eve and Boy beauty store, consider this a local version of Sephora.

OK, I digress. There isn’t a wide selection of shades in the concealer, and after literally an hour of swatch and comparisons, I ended up going with cool medium 2, which turns out to be a perfect match. It has a slight pink undertone to it, which is great to neutralize my dark circles and brightens the entire under eye area. The product is distributed through a standard doe-foot applicator. 

I was really impressed with the formula after first use. It has a light to medium coverage (depends on how much you apply), spreads easily and I was able to blend out with fingers quite effortlessly with just tabbing motions. It also feels pretty light on the skin and doesn’t seem to crease easily. With a little bit of the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder, I’m able to wear it for a full day (8-10 hours) without any major creasing, which is very, very fare. Considering how affordable this concealer is, I think it’s a totally steal! I like this way more than the cult favorite NARS radiant creamy concealer, which feels much heavier on the under eye, and dries up terribly on me.

Below is a quick before (left) and after (right) comparison of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer on my under eye (under my ruthless camera lense). You can see it gives a nice light/medium coverage, brightens the dull under eye areas, but still looks rather fresh and natural.

If you have been struggling with concealers for a long while, perhaps give this one a try. I have actually being putting my Glossier Stretch concealer on the side after picking this one up, because I have been fancy a bit more coverage in the under eye department lately. I find they are not the easiest to get a hold of if you are outside of Europe, but some of your local beauty stores may carry them, or the good old Amazon can always come to the rescue.