Currently Loving: A Blue Liquid Eyeliner

stila stay all day midnight blue liquid eyeliner review

Sometimes no matter how happy you are with the current face routine, you still have the itch to try something different, and (slightly) out of your comfort zone. Case in point, after religiously wearing jet black eyeliner for God knows how long, I have ventured into a dark blue liquid eyeliner, and not going to lie, I’m absolutely enjoying it.


I know, I know, dark blue is not considered “adventurous” to many, but it’s definitely a step forward for me. After many swatches and comparisons, I have come to realize that it’s not easy at all to find the right dark blue shade – if it’s too dark, the difference between this and black is visually unnoticeable; and if it’s too light, well, that’s too daring for me, I’m not ready to wear bright blue to office yet. Guess you can say I’m searching for the Goldilocks in the blue eyeliner department.


So you can imagine my excitement when I came across the Stila stay all day liquid liner in midnight blue.  It’s the perfect shade I’ve been looking for: an understated dark blue, which in distance, you will be thinking “ah, is that black? ”, and when getting closer, you will be “ohhh, it’s a blue”. Exactly the kind of drama I want. 🙂

stila stay all day midnight blue eyeliner swatch

In terms of the liner brush, Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner is not my favorite, I find the brush tip can be a bit too stiff to draw the line and can irritate my eye lid just a tiny bit while drawing, as I have probably the most sensitive eyes in the world. So in comparison, I would prefer the Kat Von D tattoo liner to the Stila one in this aspect.


That being said, I did notice the Stila one stays better than the Kat Von D tattoo liner, and it even performances better than the Tom Ford eye defining liner if we are just battling in the “staying power” field. This is likely due to Stila stay all day liner dries down to more matte finish in comparison to Kat Von D and Tom Ford, which both have slight sheen to the finish. With Kat Von D, usually by the end of the day when I’m ready to take off makeup, which is around 8pm (i.e. it’s after 12 hours of wearing time), I will see a tad smudge in my upper lash liner. But the Stila one? Let me tell ya, it’s as clean and neat as it was in the morning when just applied, so it’s definitely living up to the “stay all day” claim. Very impressed!     


So my final verdict is: this is my favorite colored eyeliner so far, despite the fact the brush tip can be a bit rough, I’m impressed with the overall formula and performance. Now I’m thinking if I should to pick up a dark purple from this line as well… What do you think?