Burberry First Kiss Glossy Lip Balm Review

Burberry glossy lip balm review - rose blush

Burberry first kiss glossy lip balm -rose blush reviewI was not in the market for an unnecessarily expensive tinted lip balm, but this Burberry First Kiss Glossy Lip Balm (No3. Rose Blush) still jumped into my bag in one of those weak moments when all I can think about is “let me have more, just one more and my collection is complete”. You have been there, right?

I have always liked Burberry makeup in general, because its whole is in pursuit of a natural, sophisticated and polished look, which I can totally get onboard with. This lip balm is no exception. It’s very similar to the traditional tinted lip balm, but much more hydrating and glossy, which you would expect from a high end brand like Burberry. On a side note, it reminds me a lot of the Clarins Instant Lip Perfector, which I also love. So if you cannot get your hands on the Clarins one in Asia, because apparently they don’t sell makeup in Clarins counters in Asia, then give the Burberry one a try.

OK, back to the Burberry glossy lip balm…

It’s a sheer formula that glides over lips smoothly and distributes the color evenly and effortlessly – it’s just the right pigmentation for a tinted lip balm: adds a bit of color and life to your lips, but nothing too loud or become the focal point of your face. The texture is a standout for me: not too thin, not too thick, not uncomfortably sticky, not too glossy but gives enough shine at the same time. It has really hit the “Goldilocks” if you ask me.

You can probably find all the above plus points from a well made regular lip balm, but what makes me think the Burberry one is worth the money is the fact it actually softens my lips over time and blurs the lip lines. There so many times that I would put this one after realizing my lips are badly chapped, and a few hours later, my lips will be all soft and juicy again (the word baby lips come to my mind…), even though the color has already faded away (yes, the color doesn’t really last). So in the most laymen term, it’s just a really comforting lip balm to use on daily basis, especially if you torture your lips often with matte and liquid lipsticks, which is all the hype lately.

A must-have? No. A great product that doubles as lip gloss and lip balm? Absolutely yes!