Burberry Eye Colour Contour Pen in Rosewood Review

Burberry eye colour contour in rosewood review

I’m not an eyeshadow gal by any means, in fact, if I have to cut down my daily routine, eyeshadow would the first thing in the list. I just don’t have the patience for endless blending, and often prefer the look without any eyeshadow. However, when it comes to for a fuss-free, one-shade-and-done kind of eyeshadow, I can never get enough of them. Case in point, I have just recently hauled the Burberry eye colour coutour pen in the shade rosewood, and I’m loving it!

I was initially intrigued by this eyeshadow stick in the shade Almond when reading Sandra’s review on her blog. But while at the counter, I was immediately drawn to the shade Rosewood, as it’s a very unique taupy-bronzy-neutral color that I’m utterly obsessed with, less purpley but brighter and lighter in comparison to the Laura Mercier Caviar stick in Amethyst. The texture of the Burberry one is quite interesting: comparing to all the other eyeshadows I have owned, which are Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, Chanel STYLO EYESHADOW fresh effect eyeshadow, By Terry Ombre Blackstar and Nudestix eye color, this one is less intense, less pigmented and doesn’t glide on the lids as smoothly (but it doesn’t tug the lid either by any means). Surprisingly, I actually find myself really enjoy this texture and formula, as it means I don’t have to worry about going heavy handed, and it’s so much easier to achieve a there-but-not-quite-there subtle eye look for day to day.

You can choose to do a really easy look as my swatch below -literally just two swipes on each eye (btw, looking at yourself through the lens of a high resolution camera is obsolutely terrifying, especially when it’s makeup-free naked face), or build up the intensity as you wish. The formula of this eyeshadow stick makes it really fool proof, I can literally do a quick eyeshadow look with this one in less than a minute. Oh, and did I mention it lasts incrediably well on my very oily eyelid? I can wear this for a solid 8 hours without any smudge, its staying power is on par with my Chanel Stylo Eyeshdow Stick and Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (and yes, better than By Terry Ombre Blackstar, at least on me)! #winning

burberry eye contour pen in rosewood vs. laura mercier cavair stick amethyst

burberry eye contour pen in rosewood swatchesThe package of the eye contour color pen is in true Burberry style, understated and sophisticated. It’s packed in a luxe gunmetal tube, with a thin stripe in the middle part to indicate the color inside. A big plus of course.

The only issue I have with this eyeshadow stick though, is that the whole stick broke off and dropped out from the tube after just a few usage. I don’t know if it’s because I picked up a bad one, or the weather in Singapore makes it weaker (as the same thing happened to the By Terry Blackstar as well), or the formula itself is just too soft? I can still use it by putting the stick back to the tube, but have to be extra careful when take out the cap every single time now.

But even with this little unpleasant incidence, I’m still having the itching to go back to the Burberry counter in ION and give all the remaining colors a proper swatch, and eventually… probably pick up a few more?