Body Oil? Yes, Please

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay bath oilIt feels like I have repeated myself a million times here about how obsessed I am with facial oils. They are fully integrated into my everyday skincare routine, be it the oil cleanser (the Tata Harper Nourishing oil cleanser is my current favorite), or the oil serum, I just cannot live without them, the obsession is real! A quick side note, if you have dry skin and feeling your foundation is not glowy or hydrating enough, add one or two drops of facial oils into it, an instant serum foundation is made.

Because oils have done wonders for my skin, I decided to venture out more and give body oil a try when passing by a Jo Malone counter. I have never paid much attention to Jo Malone’s body care products, probably because subconsciously I don’t want to add another expensive obsession into my life. But when I smelled the blackberry & bay body oil, it was too late. I had to have it.

If you own or have smelled Blackberry & Bay Cologne, the body oil smells exactly the same. A sweet, fruity and floral fragrance, a unique scent (just like pretty much all Jo Malone scents) that puts you into good mood instantly. It’s not too girly, which I prefer, reminds me a lot of walking in a garden on a breezy day during the Fall, fresh, beautiful, and relaxing, doesn’t like anything else I have smelled. I am always fond of the Blackberry & Bay Cologne, but unfortunately, the scent turns on me after about 30 minutes. But surprisingly, the scent on the body oil stays the same on the me and lasts much longer, which who doesn’t want? A smallest amount will give you some serious aroma. So I guess you can argue it’s more worth it than the Cologne?

jo-malone-blackberry-bay-bath-oilAnd of course, the body oil does more than just makes smell good, it’s actually really good at hydrating the body (dah, it’s called body oil!). Because it’s a pricy item, I don’t apply generously all over the body like I would normally do with body butter, I only use it sparingly on particularly dry areas, such as my elbow, knee cap and shoulder. The oil absorbs insanely fast, leaves skin soft and smooth. No sticky feeling whatsoever, and you don’t have to worry about getting clothes or bedsheets oiled up.

I like to use it at the nights after I have gone to the gym (so, in other words, not every night). I see this as a treat to myself after workout, it helps calm me down and the scent makes me feel like I’m going to have a good dream. Price wise, it’s Jo Malone, so you know it’s not cheap (but no where near its price for colognes). But this little bottle has lasted me over 4 months and I have only used less than one third of it.

If you are passing by any airport that carries Jo Malone, smell it, try it, and get it if you like it, I seriously doubt you will regret it.