Empty Review: Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base Moisturizer

bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base reviewI don’t normally go for skin care lines that are produced by a makeup brand, guess you can say I believe in specialization. But in recent years, the beauty industry seems to changing, and the two worlds are converging – a skincare brand can have killer makeup products (Clarins is one of my favorite in the bunch), and a makeup brand may have surprisingly high quality and effective skincare lines. Bobbi Brown is the latter. I haven’t tried the entire Bobbi Brown skin care line, but the ones I have tried are nothing but lovely.

The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Base face moisturizer is my recent empty, which I purchased a while back in a whim, and ended up liking it A LOT!


I have love & hate relationship with the package. On one side, I love the way it looks, it’s elegant, simply and lightweight (it’s not a glass jar, don’t be fooled by the appearance). On the other side, I’m not a big fan of moisturizers in a jar package in general – not the most hygienic way as you need to stick your fingers into it and scope out the product. The design of this jar in particular, is not the easiest to work with because the base is wider, so I always ended up having product stuck inside my nails – total waste.

bobbi brown vitamin enriched moisturizer reviewScent:

Like all Bobbi Brown skincare products, the scent is pretty light and subtle, reminds me of a garden at the beginning of the Spring: a bit of herbs with fresh grass, pretty nice to use for the morning.


Pretty interesting, it’s in between creamy and whipped texture, so goes on the skin very smoothly but not slippery at all, which makes it a nice moisturizer for both winter and summer. Oh, and I was initially attracted to the product because the moisturizer is in light yellow color, perhaps due to the effect of vitamin it contains?

How to use it:

Apparently most people like to use it right before makeup to set the base and adds hydration, not quite like a hydrating primer, but more as a moisturizer with priming property. But I just use it as a regular day time moisturizer, sometimes time at night as well.


I really like it, much more than I expected. It’s light enough that when followed with sunscreen and foundation, it doesn’t get sticky or feel heavy by any means, but does a wonderful job at locks in the hydration at the same time. I have used it during windy winter days and was happy with the hydration it provides. Also, since it’s created by Bobbi Brown, of course it works wonderfully with makeup on top.

The bottom line is that it’s a lovely priming moisturizer that works well with or without makeup, and price is quite reasonable. I just wish the package can be improved so you don’t get the product inside the nails.