Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Review & Swatch – No 6. Neutral Rose and No 8. Soft Berry

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Review

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color -Neutral Rose & Soft Berry

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Review & SwatchesAs if I need more my-lip-but-better lipsticks, I picked up two from the Bobbi Brown luxe lip color line – No 6. Neutral Rose and No 8. Soft Berry. It’s a line that I have never tried but have always been curious about.

Being completely honest, I was initially drawn to the line by its package – a light golden casing, which I consider a bold move comparing to the usual black Bobbi Brown style, with the classic Bobbi Brown logo on the top of the cap, and is surprisingly weighty. This minimal yet chic package lives up to its name, truly a luxe line.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at the package, the formula of this whole line is also top notch. On the Bobbi Brown official website, it says:

The formula dramatically boosts moisture levels and while intensely rejuvenating lips, keeping them comfortable and conditioned – even after it’s removed”. Normally I would have shrugged off at this statement, but it turned out to be 100% true.

The lipsticks are very pigmented and easy to work with, one single swipe is all you need to get full coverage on the lips, the color doesn’t bleed and goes on smoothly with minimal dragging. It’s in a traditional bullet alike shape, but with a slight twist (if you look carefully, its angle is rather unique), which makes it much easier to apply precisely and fast, while at the same time ensures even color distribution. The texture is luxurious and creamy but can easily last 4-5 hours on me with constant drinking. And even when the color gradually fades away, it fades nicely, leaving your lips feeling softer and smoother, which is certainly a pleasant surprise – who doesn’t like a lipstick that comes with nourishing effect like a lip balm?

It feels so comfortable on the lips that I often want to re-apply it even when I don’t need to. It’s the only lipstick that I can re-apply multiple, and have no flakiness by the end of the day whatsoever.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color- Neutral RoseYou can tell I’m very impressed with this whole line. So after some struggle in choosing between Neutral Rose and Soft Berry, I ended up getting them both (#firstworldproblem). No.6 Neutral Rose is described as “neutral pinky rose”, just a hint pinker than own lip color, a stunning every day, my-lip-but-better shade that literally goes with every look and suitable for all seasons. It just makes the lips look fuller, feels softer and lush (I think I’m running out of nice words for this formula). I think this may have just topped my long time beloved Marc Jacobs nude lipstick in Eat Cake and crowned my all-time favorite everyday lipstick, there, I said it!

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color - Soft BerryNo 8. Soft Berry is very similar to Neutral Rose, but has slightly more reddish berry tone to it, yet still being appropriate for everyday wear without being too loud. If I want a bit more color to the face, I would opt for this one.

This line comes in 30 shades I believe, whether you are light skin tone or darker, whether you like a good nude or a bright red, there is one for everyone. I may have already had my eyes on a few other shades, including almost bare, pink cloud, retro coral, baby peach, and Parisian red – it seems to be an ever growing wish list. Is it too early to add them to the Christmas shopping list?