Benjabelle Cleansing Balm Review

benjabelle makeup brush cleansing balm reviewI’ve been a diehard beauty blender solid cleanser fan for as long as I can remember, but the amount of product you get for the price is not great, to say the least. Especially when it comes down the final bit, it becomes impossible to finish up with a big hole in the middle. Pretty difficult to describe, but you know it if you have ever used the solid cleanser.

So I started the hunt for an ultimate dupe, a one that works equally well but better priced. Now, after months of testing (I take my review very seriously!), I’m happy to report that the Benjabelle Cleansing Balm is the winner! As a matter of fact, I’m going to say it’s better than the beauty blender solid cleanser, both performance wise and price wise.

The Benjabelle cleansing balm is 100% organic, natural and non-toxic (check out their site for a full list of ingredients). According to the product description:

It’s hand-pressed into the food grade quality tin that will never rust. The Cleansing Balm will never dry out, but the lid protects it from dust and makes it easy to bring with you while traveling.

Though I haven’t had it for 10 years, so cannot testify the “never dry out” statement, but for as long as I have had it, it hasn’t dried up even a bit. I have traveled it a few times when I need to be away from home for more than a week, and it holds incredibly well thanks to the lightweight yet durable package.

benjabelle cleansing balm reviewIt cleans beauty blender and all my makeup brushes exceptionally well, no color residue left behind whatsoever. And the best part? It conditions brushes at the same time. So after multiple washes, my brushes are as soft as when I purchased them, if not softer. The same goes to both synthetic and natural bristle brushes. If you have ever tried makeup brush cleansers in the market, you will know finding one that does both deep cleansing and conditioning well is not an easy task.

I also like the fact that the cleanser is pressed into the tin, so there is no need to take out the soap every time. Just run the tin under the water, wet your brush or beauty blender, swirl it on the soap, rinse it off, and you are done! Your brush is as clean as new. Put the cleansing balm aside for a few minutes to let it try before you place the cap back.

It’s priced at $14.95 USD for 1.5 oz, I got mine from Amazon. It’s not easily accessible outside of US, which is a bummer. But if you ever see it, do yourself a favor and grab one or two, or three (though one tin would last you quite a while)!