Beauty Empties #1

beauty products empty and review

Empties has got to be my favorite blog post to write, because the satisfaction of finishing a product is pretty awesome. If it’s a product you like, great, you got your money worth. But if it’s a product you are not crazy about, also great (arguably even better), because you finally finished it (what an achievement!) and can now  move on to new loves.

Isehan Heroine Make long and curl super waterproof mascara:

isehan heroine make long and curl super waterproof mascara review


Hands down, holy grail, best mascara for Asian eyelashes! If you have stubbornly straight lashes, this is your savior. Trust me on this. It keeps your lashes curl all day, until you take it off with cleansing oil. I even tested wearing it for a flight from Singapore to New York (over 20 hours including layover), by the time I landed, my eyelashes were still holding the curl perfectly. Just magical, no other words for it!

I do often test out other mascaras from time to time, but I always have this one in my makeup drawer, and always have at least one backup. It would be a horror if I run out of it. 

One downside though, because it’s seriously waterproof (even after crying and rubbing, you can be assured your lashes will still be amazing), you need heavy duty cleansing oil, such as the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I have tried with different brands of micellar water (including Bioderma), not working very well.

This mascara is unfortunately not easily accessible internally. But if you live in Singapore, you can find it in Watsons. I always pick up two of them when Watsons is running 20% off promotion.

Kat Von D Tattoo liner in trooper:

Need I say more? A full dedicated rave post here. Already have a backup, thank god!

Tata harper floral essence moisture boosting toner:



This was a big disappointment for me. When I first placed the order, I didn’t realize how little product a bottle contains — 50 mls (!!! but yes, this is totally my own mistake) – until I saw the invoice. So naturally, I was expecting it to be some kick-ass toner given the ridiculous price. It comes in a super luxurious package: beautiful color, nice weighty glass bottle, looks refreshing and organic (if there is such a thing). But the product itself? Other than having a nice floral scent, it did nothing. Even though it has “moisture boosting” in the name, I don’t feel it hydrated my skin. And the design isn’t that brilliant either, you cannot get the last bits of toner out, that’s at least 3 sprays right there! The First Aid Beauty vitamin hydrating mist, which I raved about here and here, is much better and cheaper.

MV organic rose Hydrating mist:

mv organic rose hydrating mist review

Another disappointing, overpriced toner. I love the MV Organic’s rose plus booster, so thought will give the mist a try. Unfortunately, similar to the Tata Harper floral essence, it did nothing. I certainly didn’t see the “radiant, healthy skin” result because of the mist. In fact, I don’t see how it’s different from any other rose water you can pick up at the drugstore, which is bound to be cheaper. 

Maybe if you use it as a daily pick me up type of facial mist, instead of toner, you will like it more – to be fair, the mist is very fine. But again, even for that purpose, I would still much prefer the First Aid Beauty one.

Sarah Chapman intense hydrating booster:

I have a full review of this product here, it’s a love. Any girls suffer from dehydrated skin would need this!

The Body Shop Mango body whip:

I love the body shop’s body butters, especially the Fuji green tea one, which is featured in my October favorite. But this body whip, not so much. It’s in a much lighter consistence, not nearly as hydrating as the body butter. And the design, I tell you, I’m really not a fan. You thought having a pump will be so much more convenient and hygienic, right? But no, not for this one, at least not on the convenience front.

When there was still at least ⅓ of the product left, I already couldn’t get enough product out with each pump, so I ended up having to loose the pump, and using the it scope out the product. Imagine when you are running short of time in the morning, which happened to me too often, and have to waste a minute just to scope out the body lotion, how annoying is that!

So the final verdict is: don’t waste your money on this, just stick to their body butter.