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A Good, Old Cult Beauty Haul

Very few things in my book that beats a good, old beauty haul. The excitement of trying out new beauty products is up there with finishing up one. The other day, I saw this on someone’s instagram feed: “my hobbies include buying makeup and also thinking about the next time I will be able to buy makeup”. Well, if we change “makeup” to include all beauty products (I mean, hair, body, face, literally, covering head to toe), that will be a pretty darn good summary…

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My Most Repurchased Skincare Products

Everyone knows me would agree that when it comes to skincare, I’m anything but loyal. I like to discover new skincare brands, and cannot stop myself from constantly testing out new products – it’s basically one of my most expensive hobbies, but don’t be surprised, there are a few things in my skincare shelf that I hold dear and close, they have a permanent spot, and I make sure to get a backup whenever they run low. So I thought I would go through my…

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My Quest for Acid Facial Peel Has Been Answered

Where do I begin with this product? Hmm… Let’s see, I have always been a fan of incorporating some sort of acid peel into my daily skin care routine, but haven’t been particularly impressed with the results – they either feel like they are about to burn your face, or are too mild to make any difference, case in point, the ever popular First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. But it has now forever changed since I started this journey with the Dr Dennis Gross…

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Glossier Generation G Lipstick Swatches & Updated Review

A few months back, when I did a roundup review of Glossier makeup products, I mentioned I have mixed feelings about the Generation G lipsticks. Fast forward to now, where I end up with a full collection of the entire line, 6 shades, I think I’ve finally made my up mind (rightfully so, I mean the entire collection!) and ready to share my thoughts. Let me start by saying what haven’t changed: 1. I still think it’s overpriced for what it is; and 2. The…

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Two New Liquid Eyeliner Discoveries

You know me and liquid eyeliners, we have an ongoing love affair that’s unlikely to go away anyway time soon. Maybe it’s because of my hooded Asian eye shape, but every time when I have a good eyeliner day, I feel I’m ready to conquer the world. OK, maybe not as far as conquering the world, but it’s definitely empowering, that’s what I’m trying to say. So yes, another post, another eyeliner review. But this time, not just one liquid eyeliner, it’s two: the EM…

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