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Finally, An Eye Cream That Works

  I started my hunt for a good eye cream around 6 years ago, when it hit me that I actually have pretty serious dark cycles and quite a bit of fine wrinkles around my eyes. Throughout all these years, I have tried numerous eye creams, from high-end luxury brands, to coveted Japanese skincare brands, to drugstore brands. Nothing really worked, nothing. At one point, I believe what I really need is just a good concealer, because the good eye cream I’m looking for just…

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The Winged Eyeliner Journey

It may sound a bit ridiculous and crazy, but I spent practically the entire 2014 on figuring out the appropriate everyday winged eyeliner shape and finding the perfect eyeliner. To me, eye makeup equals winged eyeliner and a bit of mascara, my struggle with eyeshadow is a whole new post by itself. Also, when I analyze my own face (which believe me, I do it a bit too often), I realized eyeliner is one single thing that makes the biggest difference on me. It gives…

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My Favorite Online Beauty Shopping Destinations

Living in Singapore means it’s often a pain to get my hands on the beauty products (especially the ones have been raved and raved on YouTube, how great is that!) that I’m dying to try, the kind of pain that girls in the U.S. will never understand. Of course I can always wait and get them when I have business trips to the U.S., which I do, but sometimes, I just cannot/don’t want to wait! So my search for beauty sites that offer international shipping…

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