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Some Thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence’s Essay on Gender Pay Gap

Today, I want to take a quick break from all my beauty ramblings and talk about Jennifer Lawrence’s essay. If you haven’t read the news yet, which is all over the internet now, Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay to talk about the gender pay gap in the movie industry. I read the full essay yesterday, and have to say “Bravo! well said Jen, well said!” As a career girl, gender equality is not an unfamiliar topic, and is something very close to my heart. Not…

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Review: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Skip my usually long intro, let’s go straight to the point: I love facial oils, but this one, this one, is the cream of the corp. It’s the most potent, most divine, and just the best all-round facial oil I have ever tried. There you have it, my bold statement, and I swear by it. I learned about this oil at Into the gloss, it has an equally, if not more bold title “the face oil to end all all face oils”. Can you possibly…

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The Magic of Honey

So this post is one of the main reasons I decided to start a blog, I love honey very much and I sincerely believe every girl and guy out there should add this magical stuff to their daily eating routine. Let me start from the beginning. About 11 or so years ago, when I was about to finish high school and start university, one day, my mom bought a giant bottle of honey from our local farmer’s market and told me that I should start…

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Packing Makeup for Business Trip

Because of my work, I do travel quite often, usually once every other month. And if there is one thing I have learned through all the travels, that will be how to pack a compact makeup bag. When I first started packing makeup for travel, I would always over-pack. For example, I would bring 5 blushes for a week (yes, I have a serious problem with blush), multiple lipsticks, and way too many eyeshadows. In my head, I was planning to create different looks every day…

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Finally, An Eye Cream That Works

  I started my hunt for a good eye cream around 6 years ago, when it hit me that I actually have pretty serious dark cycles and quite a bit of fine wrinkles around my eyes. Throughout all these years, I have tried numerous eye creams, from high-end luxury brands, to coveted Japanese skincare brands, to drugstore brands. Nothing really worked, nothing. At one point, I believe what I really need is just a good concealer, because the good eye cream I’m looking for just…

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