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Recent Favorite Lip Combo

When it comes to my lips, I’ve been quite fancy recently, if I may say so myself. Usually, I would just dab some lip balm or grab an “my lip but better” lipstick (discussed here) and dash out of the door. But I’ve been really into the lipstick + lipgloss combo – lip liner is still a one-off occasion for me, I’m just too lazy in the morning. Two of my favorite combos are: Lipstick Queen Lip Pencil in Nymph + Nars Lipgloss in Chelsea…

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Review: Sarah Chapman Intense Hydrating Booster

I have completely used up the Sarah Chapman intense hydrating booster, like every drop of it. Given how much I enjoyed this product, I feel it’s only appropriate to give it a dedicated blog post. I have tried 3 Sarah Chapman products so far: the overnight facial, the Skinesis Dynamic Defence SPF15 and this hydrating booster.  All of them are lovely, but this hydrating booster in particular, is beyond good. I would even go as far to say this is the best hydrating serum I…

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Post Travel Skin Rescue Routine

Now, it’s going to sound really weird: my skin gets better during the trip, probably because it actually likes the change of temperature and humidity (Singapore is HOT and HUMID all day, every day). But when I’m back from travelling, I usually notice my skin has slightly larger pores, more redness, and dehydrated. In short, a bit confused and angry. So the day after returning, I would always go through this post travel skin rescue routine, which doesn’t involve that many products. It has been…

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A Rather Large Bobbi Brown Haul

I’ve been on a self-imposed “no makeup purchase” restriction for the past couple of months, and have been doing it quite well. (*Of course, I saved the money and divert the energy to skin care buys, a Shopaholic’s problem!) So when I receive the email from Tangs (a local department store in Singapore) that says I can pick any given day on Oct to enjoy 12% rebate, I thought it was time to retreat myself. I went in with the intention to just get the Bobbi…

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What’s in My Gym Beauty Bag

So started about a year ago, I go to gym quite frequently, like 5 times a week. It became very clear to me quite fast that I need a fully functional beauty bag in my gym bag. When I say functional, I mean I need makeup remover, facial cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen (if I go to gym at day time), perfume, lip balm and perhaps a blush, and a lipgloss if I go somewhere after gym. Is this considered high maintenance? Hopefully I’m…

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