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June Beauty Favorites

June has been a very hectic month at work, lots of things seem to happen at the same time. So makeup wise, I have been going really low maintenance and just sticky to those true-and-tested products – you know, a familiar routine can save so much time in the morning. Burberry Eyeshadow Colour Contour Pen in Rosewood has been my go-on on the days I’m wearing makeup, it’s such an easy-peasy, throw on and done product that’s just perfect for a busy morning. Plus it…

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Burberry Eye Colour Contour Pen in Rosewood Review

I’m not an eyeshadow gal by any means, in fact, if I have to cut down my daily routine, eyeshadow would the first thing in the list. I just don’t have the patience for endless blending, and often prefer the look without any eyeshadow. However, when it comes to for a fuss-free, one-shade-and-done kind of eyeshadow, I can never get enough of them. Case in point, I have just recently hauled the Burberry eye colour coutour pen in the shade rosewood, and I’m loving it!…

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Three Things That Have Saved My Skin Lately

I’ve been very focusing on skincare lately, mainly because with frequent travels, my skin has taken a toll – small red bumps coming out of nowhere overnight, getting much drier than usual, a bit of texture around the mouth and the dull complexion… you get it, it’s not a pretty picture. My usual skincare routine doesn’t seem to do the tricks as they normally do, so I’ve been experimenting more and added three items into my daily routine: the ever famous SK-II facial treatment essence,…

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May Beauty Favorite

We are already half month into June, but never too late for a monthly favorite right? May has been a good month, at least beauty wise. I’ve made several hauls, discovered a few new loves, and continued the love-affair with some old faves. What more can you ask for? 🙂 For the old faves, I’m still obsessed with the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base and Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation combo, it does wonders on my skin especially when now my skin is…

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New In: M.A.C. Haul and First Impressions

So this is what happened: I went in M.A.C. with a clear goal in mind that I JUST need a gigablack extended mascara, which I have been wanting to try for the bottom lash for a very long time, but it was sold out. I should have walked out right away, but if you are a hard core beauty junkie like me, you know it never goes that way. And next thing I know? I’m at the cashier and paying for 5 unplanned purchases. Surprise…

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