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New In Beauty Bits

I picked up a few new beauty bits during my recent holiday in Bangkok, what a surprise, right? Even though I now own way more beauty products than I ever need for my entire life, testing out new ones still makes me uber excited and want to squeal, especially when some of them turn out to be as good as you expected, or even better! Erborian BB Cream I spotted this little guy in a last minute visit to the mothership, aka. Sephora. Every country’s…

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Sephora Singapore 20% Off Sales Recommendations

Literally, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year for us beauty obsessed people – the other time being the 2nd Sephora black card member 20% off sales in November. I jumped off my chair when the “save the date” email arrived my inbox, the little thing can bright up a whole day, I tell you! This time, the Sephora Singapore black card member 20% off sales happens from May 5th to May 8th, both in store and online. Did I tell you…

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Let’s Talk About Foundation Brushes

I was once excessively obsessed with makeup brushes (still am obsessed, but have regained some self control) and went on a shopping spree for months. Drugstore or high-end, I want them all. So yes, I have accumulated more brushes than I should (no shame though if you ask me…) With a large number of brushes to play with, Darwin’s theory of evolution (sort of) takes place throughout last year: the good ones survived my big clean out and been promoted to my daily routine, and…

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April Beauty Favorites

I’m back on the monthly favorite train now! Seriously, time to get more diligent and cut down those endless hours spent on the couch with Netflix. So let me bundle all the items I have loved (and used the most) throughout April. Bobbi Brown Concentrated Serum Foundation SPF 40+ and Burberry luminous fluid base has been on my face more than 90% of the time when I wear makeup this month. Just love the finish of this combo, light, dewy, natural and glowy but doesn’t…

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Fuss Free Holiday Makeup Look

Finally, I’m on holiday! Feels like it’s been ages since I was completely detached from work emails last time. It’s now 10am on Thursday, and I just crawled out of bed, recovering from a night of strolling and non-stop eating at Bangkok night market, seriously, cannot ask for more!   While on holiday, thought I would quickly pop up a post and share what are the makeup products I have brought with me for a low maintenance day-to-day look. The Base: Still loving my Burberry…

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