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My Best Beauty Discoveries in 2018 – Skincare Edition

Even though I would like to think I have cut down my beauty spend and purchase significantly in 2018, when I look back at my purchase history, it clearly tells a different story. Yes, it’s an improvement from last year, but still not close to where I want it to be, which is another story, for another time. What I’m trying to allude to is that, picking out only two new beauty discoveries, was not an easy task. There are a lot of products I…

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Will I Buy Them in Full Size – Volume 3

This is not planned, but it turns out to be a full-on moisturizer empty reviews. You see, I travel quite a bit and go to gym pretty often, in both occasions, I like to carry a sample size of moisturizer with me, which usually last at least 2 weeks with everyday use. A pretty good amount for product testing. And thanks to my unwavering commitment to the skincare industry, I have a lot of mini moisturizers in my arsenal. Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream …

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Hallelujah to the Best Lip Scrub

Lip scrub is one of those things that we all know what it’s about, but rarely gets excited about, right? I know at least I am. I can be doing facial scrubs, either physical scrub or chemical acid scrub every week religiously, but lip scrub? Always an afterthought. And honestly, I blame the fact it’s so difficult to find a good lip scrub, even though it’s supposedly the easiest skincare item to DIY at home. OK, before I digress further, let me get straight to…

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The High-performance Body Cream

Hmm, is high-performance body cream even a thing? Well, that’s a very legitimate question, I would have the exact same reaction reading the title about a month ago, even though let’s be honest, a good body cream is not necessarily that easy to come across – it needs to smell good so you feel it’s worth the effort to put on, moisturizing enough yet without being sticky. My answer to this question has completely changed, when I finally started testing the Ameliorate transforming body cream…

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I Tested 4 New Cleansers, and Here Are My Thoughts

I didn’t realize this before, but apparently, I can be a bit of  a cleanser snob. People often don’t pay much attention to cleansers, granted, it’s a product that usually only stays on your face for a minute (if that!) and then gets washed off the drain. But I have to respectfully disagree (any die-hard Friends’ fans know where this is coming from?), a good cleanser sets the right foundation for your skincare routine – if your skin is not properly cleansed, no matter how…

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