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4 Cleansers I’ve Used Up

Cleanser is probably the item I like to experiment the most in my skincare routine, at any given time, I have 4-6 cleansers in heavy rotation that are with different textures, which is a bit of excessive (or some would say insane?), I know! But who am I, if I don’t have excessive skincare products floating around? Anyhow, 4 of these cleansers happen to finish around the same time, which you guessed it, calls for a dedicated cleanser empty review. So here we go. MV…

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My Best Beauty Discoveries in 2018 – Makeup Edition

Surprisingly, it wasn’t so difficult to pick up my favorite makeup discoveries this year, partially because I’ve gotten more comfortable with the idea of following a specific routine for months and weeks, which gives me plenty of time to give a product a lot of tests under all scenarios, partially also because these new discoveries are just so damn good that they kick all other new purchases out of the water. Please be warned, it’s a bit Charlotte Tilbury heavy… Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Hollywood filter…

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4 Products I Regret Purchasing

Product regret/disappointment video has been my favorite type of videos to watch on YouTube, because as much as I love a good haul, I love an anti-haul even more. So I’m going to create my own version of it, and take a look at the products that I wish I hadn’t pull the trigger to purchase in 2018. ColourPop Brink Lippie Stix I know so many people have loved and are still loving the ColourPop lippie stix, and no one seems to be bothered by…

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My Best Beauty Discoveries in 2018 – Skincare Edition

Even though I would like to think I have cut down my beauty spend and purchase significantly in 2018, when I look back at my purchase history, it clearly tells a different story. Yes, it’s an improvement from last year, but still not close to where I want it to be, which is another story, for another time. What I’m trying to allude to is that, picking out only two new beauty discoveries, was not an easy task. There are a lot of products I…

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Will I Buy Them in Full Size – Volume 3

This is not planned, but it turns out to be a full-on moisturizer empty reviews. You see, I travel quite a bit and go to gym pretty often, in both occasions, I like to carry a sample size of moisturizer with me, which usually last at least 2 weeks with everyday use. A pretty good amount for product testing. And thanks to my unwavering commitment to the skincare industry, I have a lot of mini moisturizers in my arsenal. Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream …

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