An Everyday Mascara Love – HR Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara Review

HR Lash Queen Feline Black Mascara Review

Comparing to other beauty products, mascara is one item that I very rarely find myself experimenting and exploring in the department store, because most of them cannot rescue my stubborn eyelashes, which are short, sparse and pointing straight down – a pretty sad story, I know. But I picked up the Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara a few months ago at Amsterdam airport, because well, the package is too sexy to resist.

Now before you judge me of making a purchase based on package (because secretly, I do!), just take a moment to adore this beauty. It’s housed in a lightweight case (not the usual plastic one you normally get with mascara casing) that has leopard print all over it! The surface is ultra smooth to the touch and close with a click sound so you know it’s air right. Can a mascara package be any better than this? I don’t think so! If I’m allowed to be a little crazy here, this little tube reminds me of a classic, sophisticated and sexy lady. And basically, a piece of art just by itself. Ok I’ll stop here.

HR lash queen feline blacks waterproof mascara review

But after a few weeks of use, wow, this mascara turns out to be so much more than just a gorgeous package. The brush wand reminds me a lot of Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara, but gives different effect on me. Its separated bristles grab every tiny lashes I have with precision, coat them evenly and give them a whole new definition of length. One coat is all you need for separated, lengthened and well defined lashes. I also like to go through the outer corner of the lashes with the tip of the brush a few more times (with the same coat) to give the lashes a bit more oomph and open up the eyes. The end result is a better defined, yet realistic eye look, no clumps, not dramatic, makes it a great everyday mascara for work and/or school.

And my favorite part of the mascara? 1. It doesn’t smudge, so throughout the day, there are no awkward black dots all over my under eyes, and 2. It holds the curl! If you have the typical Asian eyelashes, you know the struggle of keeping the lashes curled, and this mascara does the trick. Oh, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes no matter how close it goes to the roots of my lashes, which is always a plus.

Would I repurchase? Haven’t decided, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it while I still have it. Helena Rubinstein is not an easily accessible brand, they do, however, have a small counter at Singapore Changi airport (I believe it’s Terminal 3?), so I may or may not give it a look when I’m in airport next time.