A New Eyeliner in Town | Lancome Grandiose Liner Review

lancome grandiose eyeliner review

You know me loving a good eyeliner. If there is only 5 minutes left in my makeup routine and there is only one thing I can do to make myself look more put together and refreshed, I would go with just a black eyeliner, with a bit of flick. It’s everything!

You would think I have tried all the liquid eyeliners under the Sun (I mean, I do have quite a bit of obsessive personality), but nope, I’m actually very loyal when it comes to liquid eyeliner. Because the troubles you have to go through when an eyeliner doesn’t perform can be traumatizing: just imagine during the middle of the day, at work, you are going from one meeting to another, with only 5 minutes of break, and your black eyeliner has smudged everywhere and making you look like a total mess. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Up till two months ago, I have only been rotating among the ones I know that just works, namely the Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper, Tom Ford eye defining pen and Ardency Inn Punker liner. All solid performers, they typically last 8 hours on my oily and hooded eyes (a receipt for smudged eyeliner, really!), but after that, I usually start seeing black marks around eye circles. I thought that’s just how things go with all liquid eyeliners, until I made a totally unplanned purchase of the Lancome Grandiose liner, a total game changer, no exaggeration. It dries to matte finish in mere seconds – usually when I finish one eye, it has already dried down completely, leaving no chance of the eyeliner transferring to the lids. I can easily wear it for solid 12 hours with zero smudging, and there are a few days, when I was out late and had it on for 15 hours (in a hot humid tropical weather), my eyeliner was still almost intact with very minimal smudge. When it says it’s smudge proof, it’s not joking! The performance so far has been outstanding, to say the least.

lancome grandiose liner review

lancome grandiose smudge proof linerI know there are people who aren’t particularly pleased with the clicking and bending handle, but I actually found it quite helpful in getting to the very tip of the inner corner – at least now I don’t need to half close my eyes, pull down and hold my eyelashes to get to the inner corner. I actually enjoy putting on eyeliner even more now with this little helper. There is however, a downside that bothers me quite a bit: it seems to dry up much faster than all other liquid eyeliners I have used. After using it straight for 2 weeks, I had to store it upside down or lay it flat so the brush tip can soak up enough ink for the next day. And if I do leave it as it’s designed to be, which looks so elegant and nice on the dressing table, I’ll struggle to get any pigment out of it the next morning. I’m not sure how the pigment is distributed to the brush tip, because doesn’t look like there is liquid inside the little tube – yes, I tried to shake the tube upside down a few times, in a desperate need to get more product out, but nothing happened.

I have now been using it almost every single day for slightly more than 2 months, it seems to be still going strong as long as I place it properly and give it a really good shake before every application, but I’m in  doubt if it can last as long as my Tom Ford liner, which goes on so pigmented and so smoothly  every single time for 6 months. But if we are only talking about performance here, I would say this is the very best liquid eyeliner I have tried and love the most. A uber bold claim, but very true!