A Good, Old Cult Beauty Haul

Very few things in my book that beats a good, old beauty haul. The excitement of trying out new beauty products is up there with finishing up one. The other day, I saw this on someone’s instagram feed: “my hobbies include buying makeup and also thinking about the next time I will be able to buy makeup”. Well, if we change “makeup” to include all beauty products (I mean, hair, body, face, literally, covering head to toe), that will be a pretty darn good summary of my hobby.

There are two sites’ new arrival sections that I stalk, let’s say, at least on weekly basis. One of them is Sephora, and the other is Cultbeauty. When I did a big roundup of all the products I finished in the last few months of 2017 (post here), you bet I jumped on cultbeauty, and placed not one, but two definitely-not-so-small orders, including some old favorites and some new discoveries.

cultbeauty haul

The repurchase gang: I love them, and I sort of cannot live without them.

Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel: A product that needs no introduction. Every time someone asks for a cleanser recommendation, this one is always the first to jump into my head. To be fair, if you have oily skin, this may not be your best friend as it has a very balmy texture that packs on the nutrition and hydration. But if you have dry skin? Give it a try and thank me later. I bought the supersize version this round – 200ml versus its usual 100ml size, as I remember for the few months when I was out of it, I have been missing it every time I wash my face. By the way, it really should be included in my last most repurchased skincare post, kicking myself now for forgetting to squeeze this one in, because I have gone through quite a few bottles of this, and don’t plan to ever stop using it.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: If you are not sick of hearing everyone on the YouTube talking about it yet, it’s a wildly popular body cream that suppose to have South America’s secret ingredients to firm up your body, particularly your bum. Well, I don’t think a body cream can give you that result, your best bet is probably just hitting that gym honestly, but I still bought my second jar of this because at its core, it’s a nice body cream that keeps my skin feeling smooth and hydrated until next wash. I have pretty dry skin on the body, and have the habit of slattering body cream after every shower, and this has been a good one to have on the rotation. Oh one more note, the product is strongly scented, most people seem to be obsessed with the scent, not so much for me, but it doesn’t bother me either.

beauty repurchases 

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair deep conditioning mask: To say it is the best hydrating hair mask I have ever used is not an exaggeration. I have ditched hair conditioners and other masks since I tried this, not even halfway through the jar, and I think it has already brought life back to my coarse, bleached hair. No harmful ingredients, smells great, and truly hydrates the hair like nobody’s business. What more can you ask for? Nothing. Period.

The new in group: the products I have been dying to test out for the first time – no kidding, discovering new products in cult beauty is one of my favorite weekend rituals. Aside from this first impression, I’ll obviously need more time to test out and report back, so keep your eyes peeled.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter: Of course I bought this, how can you resist a glow inducing product from Charlotte Tilbury? I got mine in the shade number 4, so far I haven’t been disappointed.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter: As if one glowy product is not enough (it probably never is), I also jumped on this new highlighter. I lost count of how many times I have screamed “wow, this is so pretty” after receiving it, which has a gorgeous package, amazing formula and likely universally flattering shade.Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter & ABH Amrezy Highlighter

Leahlani Skincare Kalima Coconut cream cleansing powder: A brand I’ve been wanting to try for very long time, which is created based on the organic ingredients from Kauai, Hawaii. Isn’t that alone is intriguing enough? I have tested this cleanser for a few times, and so far, I have been really enjoying it. It has the most amazing, organic, non-chemical vanilla cake smell, that makes every face wash a relaxing bliss.

Lixirskin Universal Emulsion: An very interesting new skincare brand that’s under my radar for the past few months, and I picked up this moisturizer to give it a proper try. As the name suggests, it’s a moisturizer that suits all skin types and can be applied all over the face (yes, eye areas included) and neck. So far, I’m pretty happy with it. But will need more time to tell if it’s as good as it sounds.

cultbeauty haul

Wow, is it a very successful haul (or two) or not? I mean, 7 products and no disappointment so far, even though 4 of them are just first impressions. Still, I’m quite happy with the purchases, which doesn’t happen often when you do a late night haul. But I promise, I’ll be back for an update for these 4 newbies.