A Rather Large Bobbi Brown Haul

bobbi brown makeup skincare haul

I’ve been on a self-imposed “no makeup purchase” restriction for the past couple of months, and have been doing it quite well. (*Of course, I saved the money and divert the energy to skin care buys, a Shopaholic’s problem!) So when I receive the email from Tangs (a local department store in Singapore) that says I can pick any given day on Oct to enjoy 12% rebate, I thought it was time to retreat myself.

I went in with the intention to just get the Bobbi Brown full coverage face & touch up duo ended brush and intensive skin serum foundation with SPF 40, and walked out with 6 things… again, a Shopaholic’s problem.


bobbi brown face brushes

bobbi brown face brushes (2)

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this duo ended brush and intensive skin serum foundation for months, ever since I saw the demo on Caroline Hirons’ Video! I remember her skin looked so glowy and healthy with this foundation, and the fact it comes with SPF 40 (I LOVE SPF!) and extra skin care benefits made me want it even more. Plus the package is so classy! Expect a full review dedicated to this product coming soon!

I really like Bobbi Brown brushes in general, so when I learned this duo ended brush will be launched as LIMITED EDITION, I was extremely tempted. On one side, duo ended brush is such a pain to store and maintain; but on the other end, it’s a great value and ideal to travel with. After much contemplating, I bite the bullet and added this to my collection. It’s a softer and more luxurious version of the real technique’s buffing brush, works great with all types of foundations. I shall test out the touch up brush with under eye concealer and see how it goes. On a side note, I think the sleek black handle is the reason I eventually caved.

No surprise, I also added the sheer powder brush to my ever growing blush brush collection, though this brush is actually very multi-tasking. It works well with pigmented blush, with all over face powder, bronzer, and even highlighter (especially if you want to apply the highlighter as a blush topper). In all honesty, I cannot really justify this purchase, except I just really want to have it and lost control at the counter lol.

bobbi brown blush, bronzer and foundation

Going to the complexion department, I picked up the legendary pale pink blush, which I’ve been wanting to get, literally, for years. Rumor is that this is the blush Duchess Kate Middleton was wearing on her wedding day and many other occasions, which is how I learned about this blush in the first place. Finally tried on, and it instantly brightened up my whole face, it’s not subtle, but so gorgeous!

Another addition to the face is the bronzing powder in golden light. I have a couple of bronzes, but none of them has a matt finish. Have heard good reviews about Bobbi Brown’s bronzer, and this shade looks like a perfect match for my light to medium skin tone. The texture is divine, “silky-smooth” is definitely not a false claim, it’s matt but gives this super natural and slightly glow look, just LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cannot wait to put it on my face every day!

The last item is a skin care. I have tried a few skin care products from Bobbi Brown, and none of them disappointed me. So when I saw the new extra balm cleanser (by the way, the whole Bobbi brown “extra” skin care line is very luxurious and all kinds of awesomeness) comes in the travel friendly tube package (50ml, versus the full size 200ml), I put it into my shopping basket immediately, as it would be a great one to 1) test out the product, and 2) bring to travel with. And can I just say it again? Bobbi Brown’s package is so damn chic, simple and classic.

I’m now sitting on the floor, looking at the table full of Bobbi Brown’s goodies. Not going to lie, feel pretty guilty and satisfying at the same time… Not healthy, I know, but once for a while, let me indulge myself.