5 Beauty Products on My Repurchase List

products I repurchased

products I would repurchase

Let me start by saying I’m usually not loyal to brands, and I like love to try new things, something about a new beauty product just excites me like a kid gets his/her hands on the most yummy and prettiest candy, hence explains the piles of beauty products sitting in my drawers. But there are always exceptions, right? There are a few (very few) items, I will always repurchase without second thought, that’s serious commitment, that’s love!


Today, as I was going to make an order, I thought I would share them with you.


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser is one of my all time favorite cleansers, it’s simple, it’s basic, it gets the job done and it’s very wallet friendly. I’ve explored so many cleansers, and always come back to this. Personally, I think it’s much better than Fresh soy face cleanser, which was OK but nothing outstanding that justifies the price tag, or Philosophy purity cleanser, which a lot of people seem to love, but I hate as it literally stripps off a layer of my skin and leaves my face feeling extremely dry and peeling. The Kiehl’s one is gentle yet effective, it’s packed with ingredients you typically find in highly priced cleansers, such as avocado oil and apricot kernel oil.I love to use this cleanser together with my Clarisonic ( I use the deep pore cleansing brush head) every 2 days, and it just leaves my skin feeling extra clean and refreshed, but no sense of stripping what’s so ever.  Just a high quality, well formulated,and reasonably priced cleanser, nothing bad to say!


Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Active Serum (reviewed here) and Odacité serum concentrate radiant effect (reviewed here) are my ride or dye night oil combination in 2015. They were on my face 90% of the times throughout last year since the day I got them. Together, they address all my skincare concerns and have been the most effective glow-giving skincare products I have tried to date! I usually mix 4 drops of Vintner’s Daughter with 3 drops of Odacite serum to my entire face and neck, no other serums or moisturizers needed, these two really do it all! After completing the whole bottles – the Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Active Serum lasted me well over 6 months with heavy usage, and the Odacite serum lasted about one and half to two months – I can really tell my skin is much more glowing and radiant. Seriously, there have been moments when I looked at the mirror with bare face, I doubt if I was wearing highlighter! I’m going to make a very bold statement here: If I can only pick two (not one, as I love the way they work together) facial oils and stick to them for the rest of my life, this combo will be it.  


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment is a fabulous all purpose haircare and styling product. I’m usually very skeptical when a product claims it does all, but have to say this little bottle is truly a multi-tasker, ideal for all of us girls are looking for simple (aka, lazy) yet effective haircare and styling routine! It tames frizzy hairs, adds a bit of volume, holds the curl, treats the fragile ends, just amazing! It’s been a year since I perm my hairs, and I still have some loose curls going on (and they look healthy!), all the credit goes to this incredible product. This little bottle lasted me one year with heavy usage – we are talking about every other day! Also, since we are on this, I personally much prefer the 5-in-1 styling treatment to its sister “Night Cap Overnight Perfector”, which is also on the perfect hair day range, but just doesn’t do the same magic on my hair.


Soap & Glory Foot Cream is such an underrated product, and I feel in general people don’t give enough care and love to the feet? Anyway, I have very dry feet and they tend to get rough quickly if I don’t moisturize them properly every day. And trust me, a good foot cream is so much more difficult to find than a good hand cream – it needs to moisturizing enough to keep the feet soft, but cannot be greasy or taking too long to dry as I hate walking on slippery feet and leave product residue all over the floor. This foot cream by Soap and Glory has interesting consistence that ticks all the boxes for me, it dries down almost immediately but at the same time, keep my feet moisturized the whole night. It’s in between gel and cream I would say (?), and has a light scent that I cannot quite figure out what it is, but of course it’s a nice scent like the rest of Soap and Glory products. Oh, and it’s in a light baby blue color, just adds a bit more fun 🙂