4 Products I Regret Purchasing

Product regret/disappointment video has been my favorite type of videos to watch on YouTube, because as much as I love a good haul, I love an anti-haul even more. So I’m going to create my own version of it, and take a look at the products that I wish I hadn’t pull the trigger to purchase in 2018.

ColourPop Brink Lippie Stix

I know so many people have loved and are still loving the ColourPop lippie stix, and no one seems to be bothered by the smell? But I just can’t stand it, I have purchased multiple shades in the course of 2 years, and hoping the smell is just one incidence, but all the ones I had were very strongly chemically scented. So no matter how nice the color is, I ended never reaching for it. And a few months back, I finally decluttered them. Gone for good (hence you are not seeing it in the picture).

Inner Glow Crème Pigment By Rituel de Fille

Dare I say possible the most disappointing cream blush I have ever tried? I purchased the blush in a whim, after reading the positive views of it on cultbeauty website, and seeing it’s a green makeup line naturally draw me into it. However, I was utterly disappointed when received the package.

First of all, the color bares no resemblance to its swatch online – it appears to be a nice pinky rose shade, but in person, it’s much darker, deep mauve, which isn’t necessarily a deal breaker because I still like how the color translates on my cheek. The texture, however, was a big turn off for me. For a cream blush, it’s the least creamy texture I have played with, very hard and dry on the pan, even after scraping off the first layer of product, it still feels chalky and dried out. I really have to dig in pretty hard with the fingers to pick up the color. Perhaps I have received the bad batch, but really, if you are looking for a nice cream blush in the same convenient package, just go with the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, which has been a favorite of mine for years. It’s creamy, easy to apply (honestly foolproof), lasts well on the cheek, and works well as lip stain at the same time.

Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops Lip Treatment

This is not so much as a regret purchase, it’s just difficult not to like a Fresh product, right? But I have to admit, it’s a disappointment. I really like the concept of the lip treatment, that it’s liquified, that it doesn’t interfere with your lipsticks and acts as a layer of barrier while keeps your lips moisturized. I would admit that it indeed doesn’t interfere with all forms of lipsticks whatsoever, as it’s not slippery or shinny even a bit, but it also does nothing in keeping lips plumped or moisturized. It essentially is a glorified, and expensive lip balm that doesn’t treat your lips. So, not hate it, will use it up, but it’s not worth it.

Heroine Make Impact liquid eyeliner

Pretty sure this is so far the only makeup item I have tried from Heroine Make that I don’t love. I mean, the brand makes my long time favorite waterproof mascara, slim pencil eyeliner, and recently, I couldn’t live without their mascara remover, but this waterproof liquid eyeliner has been a let down. When it comes to waterproof, smudge proof eye makeup, I never had any doubt that Heroine Make will not deliver, because this is something they take very seriously (obviously in my interpretation), but for some reason, this eyeliner smudges very quickly on me. With only 2-3 hours of wear time, it starts to move around my eyelids, transfers upwards from the lash line to the entire lid, a big no no for me, especially when it says “super waterproof” on the package, you really cannot blame me for having high expectations.

The tip of the application is also not beginner friendly. It reminds me a lot of the Lancôme art liner, which has a soft and bendy tip that requires some skills to maneuver. But fine, I can work with that. What disappoints me more than failing the waterproof promise is that it is not pigmented AT ALL, and it bleeds very quickly after initial application, which I would think is the reason behind its smudging all over my eyelids.  So if you ever find yourself in a Japanese drugstore, walk away from this eyeliner, and pick yourself up a Lover Liner Liquid, which I reviewed a few months back. Still, my holy grail!