4 Cleansers I’ve Used Up

Cleanser is probably the item I like to experiment the most in my skincare routine, at any given time, I have 4-6 cleansers in heavy rotation that are with different textures, which is a bit of excessive (or some would say insane?), I know! But who am I, if I don’t have excessive skincare products floating around? Anyhow, 4 of these cleansers happen to finish around the same time, which you guessed it, calls for a dedicated cleanser empty review. So here we go.

4 cleansers empty review

MV Organic Gentle Cream Cleanser: As the name suggests, it’s a very gentle cream cleanser that’s good for second cleanse, and has been the one I reach for a lot in the morning. It has a thick cream texture that sinks into the skin pretty quickly once fully massaged onto the face, doesn’t stay slippery. I normally like to keep it on for a minute or so, before washing it off with muslin cloth or just my hands. It certainly is a enjoyable cleanser, but doesn’t seem to justify the high price tag. If I ought to choose my favorite cleanser in the MV organic line, my vote goes to the 9 oil cleansing tonic, which is more unique and brings that heavenly spa like experience.

Omorovicza Cashmere Cleanser: the cleanser I have used up in record time. It’s ultra soft, gentle and luxurious, literally, like the softest cashmere slides through your bare skin. When my skin was going through the post-retinol peeling phase, this is one of the only two cleansers in my stash that doesn’t irritate my skin (the MV organic gentle cream cleanser does sting my face ever so slightly during the peeling, which I suspect is due to the essential oils in it), so needless to say, it’s been my savior. Would I repurchase? Most likely, when there is a discount going on.  

Omorovicza cashmere cleanser review

Alpha-H Essential Cleansing Balm was totally a surprise find. I received this travel size from cultbeauty when I placed a rather large order last year, completely forgot about it until a few months back. I don’t know why I have never heard anybody talking about this cleanser before, because it is absolutely divine! It’s packed with good ingredients that my skin loves, the soothing and balmy texture is lovely to work with, and the subtle rose scent is cherry on the top. This is the other cleanser, along with the Omorovicza Cashmere cleanser that brought peace to my skin when I went too aggressive with retinol. It’s very rare for me to come across a cleanser that I don’t feel the need to immediately follow up with toner and moisturizer afterwards, but the Alpha-H cleansing balm made the list, which says a lot. Among the 4 cleansers I have finished up, if I would choose only one to repurchase, I would go with this one in a heartbeat. Probably my best cleanser find in 2018!

LIXIRSKIN electrogel cleanser view

LIXIRSKIN Electrogel Cleanser is one of my favorite products from the LIXIRSKIN line. Its formula “features a very small content of negatively charged electrogel”, which supposes to attract and eliminate harmful charged toxins on our skin due to the pollution in the environment we live and breath in. It feels like a light cream that has no added fragrance, just as any other products in the line. It’s been my go-to night cleanser (after removing makeup and sunscreen, of course) for a few months straight. I like to take a generous amount, massage it well onto my entire face and neck, leave it on for 3 minutes to act as a quick detox mask, during which, the cleanser would work its magic, and wash off with either muslin cloth or water directly. Would I repurchase? Maybe, I do enjoy using it quite a bit, but if I still have quite a few cleansers to go through, and if I were restocking only 1 cleanser right now, as I mentioned above, my heart is with the Alpha-H Essential Cleansing Balm.