2017 Skincare Empties – Part 2

Here I am, with another round of skincare empties. I know I’ve been saying this with practically every empty review post, but seriously, the satisfaction I get when looking at the pile of empty bottles is very real, which may sound bizarre to a lot of people (my close friends included), but hopefully you get me, or at least no judgement here Okay?

AmorePacific Treatment Toner

I’ve tried a few skincare products from the AmorePacific line in the past 2 years, but with the exception of their moisture bound rejuvenating eye treatment gel, I’m not all that impressed, especially considering they are on the expensive or very expensive side. This treatment toner is no exception. It has a very strong scent, which concerns me every time I use it, and I’m not even someone dislikes scented skincare products. More importantly, the product in general just doesn’t do anything for my skin. So would not recommend.

Sisley Eye and Lip Contour

Essentially an eye cream, though I believe it also works as a lip treatment, but I never tested it on my lips. Overall, this is a nice all-rounded eye cream, keep my dry under eye areas well hydrated, didn’t cause any milia. But nothing more than that: fine line is still there, dark circle is still there, not less, not more, also I don’t see my under eye skin gets firmer. So all in all, I would say it’s a nice product, but not very effective if you have certain concerns you would like to address. And for the price, I would not repurchase, and it wouldn’t be my first recommendation for anyone needs a new eye cream.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Need I say more? I have manifested my love for this facial oil serum for as long as my blog has existed, this is my second empty bottle, and just look at how disgusting this bottle looks now – it’s well loved! I’m already on my third bottle of this one.

Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate Facial Serum & Glossier Super Bounce

I tested out a bunch of serums that are packed with hyaluronic acid, as I was combating with dryness in more days than I would like to admit. And these two bottles of lovely hydrating serums are definitely stand out. They both work well on my skin, keep any dry patches away. But if I have to pick, I prefer the Glossier super bounce slightly more, just because it sinks into the skin a bit faster, and sit under makeup a bit better. But you get more bang for the buck with the Jordan Samuel skin one. I don’t think you will be disappointed with either one of them.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

This is small travel size I got in one of Fresh’s Christmas mask sets. I enjoyed every bit of it, it’s a nice hydrating, calming mask that’s fun to use, and pleasant to smell. I wouldn’t say it’s the most hydrating mask I have used, but it’s the best when it comes to calm down angry skin. This is the mask I would reach for every time when my skin is stressed, either from traveling, or testing acid products, or just simply irritated from eyebrow threading (am I the only one to get irritated skin after threading?). Would I repurchase? Most likely, yes.

ALPHA-H Vitamin A Serum

ALPHA-H launched a whole line of vitamin serums last year, and they are all pretty fabulous. But Vitamin A is the one I’m completely used up for now, as I’ve been enjoying incorporating gentle retinol solutions into my daily skincare routine. This one is great find, as it’s gentle on the skin, doesn’t cause any irritation, but still delivers the benefits of smoother skin and clear complexion. An added benefit is that it absorbs into skin quickly, with no sticky residue. It’s not the most effective anti-aging serum I’ve used, but if you are new to retinol and vitamin A, this is a good introduction.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara

The only makeup product that’s hiding in the pile of skincare empties. This is easily my most repurchased makeup product ever, and is the mascara I always go back to. For my stubborn, do-not-want-to-curl eyelashes, this is the best to keep them curled, long and separated all day long with no smudge, no transfer. This is a pain in the butt to remove, but I’ve made my peace with that.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara

Phew, that’s all, we’ve made it! A total of 8 empty products, now I’ll pat myself in the back and take a casual browsing at the cultbeauty website, and may or may not place an order as a reward to myself.