2015 Makeup Heroes

favorite makeup products of 2015

best makeup products in 2015

Continuing my best of 2015 installment (best skincare products of 2015 here), I thought I would round up the makeup products I have used and love the most last year. Now, I know this is a super late post, but better late than never, right?


Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base has been a groundbreaking product for me in 2015. It’s THE product if you are looking for a radiant, glowing, naturally luminous but non-heavy, non-slippery and non-greasy base (woho, that’s a long list of adjective). It’s something I have been reaching for a lot even on the days I’m not wearing any makeup, because it just adds a beautiful sheen to your face and makes you look more awake. I talked about this and the Tom Ford illuminating primer here with greater details, and as much as I love Tom Ford (really, I want to have pretty much everything in his beauty line), I think I prefer the Burberry one more. And the package? Just look at it!


Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer was another happy discovery in 2015, after hearing Caroline Hirons raving about it in several occasions, I bite the bullet and got my hands on probably the most expensive tinted moisturizer. But boy, it was gorgeous! I never knew a tinted moisturizer can blend out so smoothly and look so natural on the face. I love a good BB cream/tinted moisturizer for everyday use with light, light to medium coverage, and this is just the best so far.  


Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen, seriously, you cannot mess up a winged liner with this one. It’s pigmented, glide on the lids like a dream, and stay on all day long. And the brush tip makes it super easy to draw a winged line, go subtle or a full-on cat eye, your choice.


Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light looks plain on the pan, but transforms on the face. I never really liked bronzer in the past, as they tend to look muddy or too harsh on me, but the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder just pulls off the right color and adds a bit of dimension and life to my face. I rambled about this bronzer over and over again in this blog (here and here), so let’s just save some space here, shall we?


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette is something I regret buying for quite a while, until I figured out how to use it – as a finish powder, highlighter or even eyeshadow full , truly a multi-purpose product. I also have a full post dedicated to this little magic maker here.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, what a great blush formula, that’s all I can say. Out of a full drawer of blushes I own (there are over 40 of them!), the Hourglass blush is my all time favorite. If I can take only one blush to the desert (like you need a blush in the desert lol), I will for sure grab this blush palette – all three colors are out of the world stunning, and you can mix them up for even more variety.  


Le Metier de Beaute Fresh Creme Tints in Poppy and Coral/Nymph were the cream blushes I used the most. They have interesting consistency and last on my face all day. Le Metier de Beaute is an underrated brand, for some reason, I haven’t seen many people talk about it outside of Sarah from sarahlovesmakeup.com, who by the way, has great taste and is how I discovered this cream blush. If you haven’t found a cream blush formula that you like, give this one a try.
Marc Jacobs New Nude Sheer Lip Gel in Eat Cake is the perfect my-lip-but-better shade for me. When everyone was talking about nude lipstick, I was so bummed that I couldn’t find a shade that works for me, all the neutral, brown shades look sick on me. Until Marc Jacobs comes to save the day! It’s the perfect pinky nude that I can literally wear every day, on all occasions and don’t even need a mirror to put on. And to top it all, it’s hydrating enough by itself.